Pornstar Pills

Pornstar Pills

Do you want to get a same powerful hard erection as a pornstar? At two retired porn stars reveal their secret how to get powerful erections and bigger penis size and we talk about the best Sex Pills used by professional pornstars and how you as a private individual can take advantage from these pills and our knowledge to get a better sexlife or better relationship (relationship tips !!!! ) or even marriage as sex is considered to be 50% or more from a successful and happy long term relationship.

Which pornstars use erection pills?

Well let’s be honest… all of them, Rocco Siffredi, Pierre Woodman, Manuel Ferrara, Danny D, Johnny Sins, Tyler Nixon, Markus Dupree, James Deen, Mick Blue, Ricky Jonson, Bambino, Scott Nails, Steve Holes and many others! How otherwise is it possible to every time get a long hard erection and keep it for hours. Especially on the porn set where breaks  are very normal and with other people around you need every bit of help to stay hard and erection pills like viagra, cialis, Kamagra or Levitra do exactly like that for a good price.

The worst what can happen as a pornactor is to have “limp dick” on the scene or during the sexual performance as it is bad for the image of the porn star, self esteem and can even lead to loss of work in the future. Imagine that you get paid 500-1000 euro for fucking beautiful hot sex girls in the pussy and ass, you don’t want to lose such a job because of erectile dysfunction. That’s why pornstars want to be absolute rock solid during their porn scene and all the male porn across take Sex Pills guaranteed. Even if some of them say not because of proud, trust us they do 100% and we know all of them!

Erection Pills
Erection Pills

What are Sex Pills used by the professional Male Pornstars?

There are a few pills popular by the professional male pornstars. Firstly there are two kind of men, those who very easily and quickly have an orgasm and ejaculate and secondly those who quite hard get a final orgasm and ejaculate and secondly those who quite hard get a final orgasm. For the first group, those who easily get a cumshaw and often too early for a girl to get a (squirting) orgasm, but in porn scenes simply too short to get a good porn scene which you can sell and has production value, there is Priligy (Dapoxetine) and/or Duloxetine. This medication makes you delay your ejaculation.

If you don’t need to delay your ejaculation, then you don’t need this, but then you only need a pill which makes your penis size bigger and your erection harder, longer and stronger. The pros use Viagra Professional or Cialis Professional or simply Generic Kamagra.

If you suffer from both premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction and want a super hard erection which is bigger, stronger and longer, you can buy both Viagra and Dapoxetine, but you can also try the following dual action pills which contain both ingredients in one pill which makes them efficient, easy and a cheaper solution. The options are:

Erect Longer
Erect Longer

Why should you use Sex Pills to Get a longer and harder erection?

Well the first good reason is because the male pornstars use pills to get longer and harder erections and they don’t do this for nothing. Also bear in mind normally pornstars are living healthy, do regular sports and are above strong and sportive. The answer is simply the girls LOVE IT! Girls will finally get an orgasm at all and even multiple orgasms when they feel that big, strong and hard penis which they dream about! Why? Because your penis is bigger and harder and because of this she will feel more intense and you can fuck her harder and eventually make her squirt! Also because of the shape of your penis is better, because of the harder erection it will be more easy to hit the G-Spot, which is an absolute pleasure for the women and she will love you forever! Another very good reason to use pornstar pills is that you will feel more confident when your penis is bigger and harder and you don’t need to worry that it will turn soft or limp which is softly moving/slipping inside the vagina which she hardly feels.

What are the most popular ED Pills?

We discussed the above Sex Pills used by the pros, but there are various other normal ED pills which are very cheap and also a very good option for stars which don’t want to break the bank:

Be sure that you know that Cialis (tadalafil) works much longer than the other 3 ED pills, so if you don’t need 36 hours long erection, but 4-8 hours is enough, then Viagra, Kamagra or Levitra is sufficient and the better option.


Last but not least there is also an oral jelly format of Sildenafil which is easy to swallow and for those who don’t like to swallow pills. It is slightly more expensive, but works amazingly quick under 10 minutes you will feel the power in your penis with Kamagra Jelly by Ajanta Pharma and many pornstars use it because of this simple fact!